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なし WDCおよびWECのメンバー募集

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WDCでは扱う案件の増加に対応するため、新しいメンバーを募集しております。また、WCAが非営利団体になるにあたりWCA倫理委員会(WEC)が創設される予定であり、そのメンバーも募集しております。下記にWDC委員長であるDaniel Sheppardからの公募文を載せておきますので、少しでも興味のある方は記載の期限までに私かWDCのメールアドレスまでご連絡ください。


WCAでは他にも現在3つの委員会があります。https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/about をご覧いただいて、興味のある貢献したい委員会がありましたら推薦しますのでお知らせください。日本の方々のお仲間が増えるとうれしいです。




Dear WCA Officials,


The WCA Disciplinary Committee (WDC) is looking to add new members. If you wish to be considered or know anyone who would be interested, please reply following the guidelines below by Sunday 11th September.


What does the WDC do?

Investigates a variety of situations and proposes solutions/punishments:

- Serious violations of WCA regulations e.g. cheating, general conduct

- Community issues e.g. disputes in the way that delegates/organisers are working

- Internal WCA organisation issues


The Future of the WDC/WEC

- The WDC currently consists of myself (leader), Rob Stuart, Tomoaki Okayama

- The WDC is looking to expand to at least 5 members from the current 3

- The WCA Ethics Committee (WEC) will be formed in the near future, and this may involve some people moving over from the WDC, as the desirable skill sets are similar and this experience would be good training


Workflow Outline

The workflow is likely to change and formalise a lot more soon in conjunction with the large scale WCA changes you've been seeing - read the relevant sections of the by-laws draft if you're interested. However, here is a basic idea of how we operate at the moment:

- Initial contact with WDC is usually either emails directly to us from a competitor/delegate, or it appears in a competition report

- A WDC case initiates when the leader agrees that it falls under the WDC's scope

- Correspond with the people involved to get all sides of the story. Primary form of external (outside the WDC) communication is by email

- Discuss the situation with other WDC members and come to a conclusion. Internal discussion is through a Facebook message group

- Conclusions and recommended actions are reported to the Board, who must give confirmation before they are carried out.

- Relevant persons are informed of any actions, and a public post written if appropriate.


Characteristics we are looking for

Motivation: Of course we want people who wish to contribute to the future of the WCA, by giving some of their time and their thoughts to this team.

Confidentiality: We generally operate under a need-to-know policy. Other than what is necessary, nothing is said to anyone that isn't involved. Information is often sensitive or involves minors or anonymous witnesses. If you can't keep things to yourself then this isn't for you.

Investigatory mind: The ability and desire to figure out what has happened in a given situation. People will stretch the truth and lie to get away with things and make themselves the good guy. It is our job to find out the real truth.

Neutrality: There may be times when cases involve people you know, and you must be prepared to put this aside and work to preserve the fairness and spirit of the WCA.

Good standard of English: While basic English is good enough to communicate amongst ourselves, you will likely be asked to take the lead on cases at some point and this means communicating clearly by email.

Response rate: Keeping up with emails and messages once each day and responding where appropriate would be an acceptable level. If things need time to think over or if you are unavailable for a time (e.g. away at comp) then this is fine of course.

Commitment: We wish to have people who can potentially help for a year or much more. However, if you are a bit unsure about whether this role would suit you perfectly, you can see the start as a trial period and we can discuss your continuation at a later date.


How to Apply

Please consider the above carefully and if you would like to be part of an important team that helps govern fairness in the WCA you should reply to wdc@worldcubeassociation.org by Sunday 11th September 2016. Please include a brief introduction of yourself and some information on why you think you would be a suitable member of the WDC.


If you know any other WCA member who you think would be interested in this, feel free to forward this on to them. You do not need to have any current position inside the WCA to be considered.





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